Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Where I do come from.

In 2001, there were parliamentary debates, a call on students, a famine(absence) of maize in Admarc, and strike on the university grounds and deaths of two students.

I reading my everyday verses at Chancellor College, and I stumbled upon a verse Amos 5:7-15. Since it was an everyday verse, it meant nothing but an addition to my bible knowledge until I found on the notice board outside the Library an issue so much like the verse I had just read that morning, scheduled for discussion by Students of Law. I made up my mind to hand copy that verse, and deliver it to the place of discussion.

Yesterday, I was listening to Music by Wambali Mkandawire from the Album which won an Award in the year 2001. The Album Title, Zani Muone. The song I was listening to, Vya Kuchidika. He is quoting from the Book of Ezekiel. It just occurs to me that I may not have been the only one who had a revelation from the word of God concerning the time and the issue under discussion at the time.

I have met many young men and women who seem to have been affected by this time most of them seem to be Christians. Strong in their faith and not compromising. From their countenance, they seem to have endured a lot.

“Pakuti Nyumba Iyi nja Chigaluka”.

Considering Amos 5:7-15. The House of Parliament debating on the issues at the time might have been what the words meant.

Necessarily, the laws being set up during this year of 2001, were not good laws.

These laws which were being established under the campaign of democracy, some seem to have responded to the change with the collision of the two planes into the trade center towers in United States on 11th September, 2001.

I am sure these laws do need thorough review.

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