Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Place Where I Live

The place where I do live, has several versions of its destruction. The first of it, I seem to have been typing on my HTC Legend and froze dead. Whoever found me, came to find me in that frozen state dead.

The second version, there I was a young girl behind my wall. The world tore itself apart. You know, an unstable atom is hard to control.

The other version, there was a chemical bomb with a nuclear blast and there was a helicopter rescuing this place where I live spraying an anecdote as the wave of the chemical bomb was going.

I came after so many years with a helmet over my head for the fear of the chemical might still be around over the place.

I remember being in a minibus going to Mzuzu University, the reality of the broken down world was evident and I had my helmet while passing through the region.

By the time, some parches of land had now started having some green.

There were some stitched up regions which seemed to still require going through my some virtual means.

I wonder how the minibuses were able to go through but big buses seemed to manage only by virtual passage like some gate that transformed matter and transported to the destination in some way.

The reality is like fiction but I might have been having a vision of a future of my place where I am living.

There was no wealth in all scenery it was dust dirty and dry.

The day I started seeing this vision was in the year 2009 A.D. on a day like yesterday. The 9th of September.

Yesterday, in this year 2014 A.D. also 9th September, and none of it has happened yet.

This message requires an IQ greater than 129.

Yesterday, I was watching a movie. The Family. It was talking about the Blake Family. They had a Protégé in their family. So whenever the Kid wrote something at School for a newspaper publication, it was always like the father has written it.

If you consider the reasoning of the kid, that would be the biggest explanation why the family always found itself in trouble but did not know why.

Now this point of writing this article, seems to be a vintage point. If life is on pause and rewind to understand this article in order not to tear this world apart, then perhaps don’t go to war before understanding the extent of the damage expected to be caused.

But the age of the earth has a limit. One day, the old earth and the old heaven shall pass away. and a new earth and a new earth shall take its place.

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