Saturday, September 27, 2014

Proposition Season

Feeling like I was feeling, I was feeling like I was 7 years ago. No mistake, they were perhaps recalled memories and feelings. But evident, I do have a need: My other half is still missing.

It is said, Zingachuluke Njuchi; Yokuluma ndi Imodzi.

There was a day, a day which had a lot of bees at my home buzzing around that I got stung by a bee. Only one bee stung me on that day. All of them buzzed around and went their way.

Yesterday or the other day, I was passing by some location with bees buzzing around none of them stung me.

It is perhaps true the statement is true, Zingachuluke Njuchi; Yokuluma ndi Imodzi.

How do you get to know which one? Yesterday, I found out which one.

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