Sunday, September 28, 2014

Abstention from the SAMSA Conference of 2008

When you sponsor someone on a trip to some event; when the trip happens, you do know that the sponsorship has been consumed. Suppose you do realize that the person has not managed to go on that trip. Do you grudge the absence?

In 2008, I was sponsored to go to Conference in Maputo organized by SAMSA. Due to some logistical reasons, I failed to attend the conference but my presentation was done by my classmate in my absence.

Assessing the difficulty of attending, the Conference in Maputo, Mozambique that year, I resolved to attend another organized in Lilongwe by OSISA which attracted people of similar interest so that if I completely fail to attend the Maputo Conference, I would still have interacted with some who may have had interest in my work to attend the Maputo Conference.

The Social-Political relations of Malawi and Mozambique attracts greater scrutiny and suspicion which to me proved of greater difficult being descendent from a political family.

I am sure my absence should not be grudged for such a long time. If I did not meet the sponsors expectations in that they may have wanted access to my work, my email address was made available on the abstract recorded for presentations in the proceedings of the Maputo SAMSA Conference at Maputo, Mozambique. I may still have a copy of the presentation and also perhaps, my thesis supervisor may have kept some copies.

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