Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Faith, Hope and Love in the Time of the Coronavirus Pandemic

 Going through supermarkets and public places, you get your temperature taken on the head or on the hand and the temperature is sometimes reading 36 degrees celsius. then you start wondering if the Bible in Revelation was possibly talking about such a time as this. Then you begin reflecting on all the verses of the Bible to understand what is wrong with this situation that might make someone unacceptable before God? Is it the coronavirus? Is it the reading of the temperature? Is it the vaccine? Is it the masks? Is it possible that we need a fresh interpretation of the verses in Revelation in light of the current situation which looks somewhat familiar in that it limits people from buying and selling goods and services?

Today, my temperature was taken on the forehead, on the right hand and the left hand. The temperature was twice around 36 and once around 35 degrees celsius. Going by the Revelation verse of the mark of the Beast, I am perhaps disqualified from entering the Kingdom of God because my temperature has been taken.

Now, therefore, what remains is Faith, Hope and Love. Faith that I am saved by the blood of Jesus on the Cross. Hope that taking the temperature might actually not be the reason for being disqualified from entering the Kingdom of God and Love, because nothing can separate us from the Love of God. We will see when we get to heaven.

Speaking of getting to heaven, death even by the coronavirus is but just a passage to go to heaven if I have lived a righteous life. I must not be afraid of death even by the coronavirus. Shall I take the vaccine? Considerably, not being afraid of death, I might wait until after the fourth year of the coronavirus pandemic. The Bible gives a time limit of three years of the time of the mark of the beast. Will I be saving myself if I don't take the vaccine or am I condemning myself by taking the vaccine? I don't know for sure. What I know is that if I survive four years without a vaccine, I can survive even longer than that but if I die earlier due to the coronavirus for having not taken the vaccine, I might go to heaven if I have lived a righteous life. 14 days in bed is quite enough time to reflect and repent my sins before dying.

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